Spreading the blue sky all over
the world

To preserve the beautiful blue sky,
we will realize a new mobility society through
electrification technologies.


The name “BluE Nexus” represents our commitment and determination: “To preserve the irreplaceable Blue Sky and Earth (BluE), AISIN and DENSO work together with a strong bond (Nexus) to develop future technologies While being an important component in electric vehicles, our goal is to develop driving modules and to propose complete e-drive system solutions.
AISIN Group and DENSO have been providing top quality products and technologies to customers around the globe and by combining their strengths, we at BluE Nexus strive to accelerate electrification and to a widespread use of electric vehicles.
With the power of technology we wish to contribute to a Blue Sky and a beautiful Earth for generations to come.

CEOKozo Yamaguchi

Company Profile

Company Name
BluE Nexus Corporation
April 2019
Twin Park 5F-8F, 1-3-2 Mikawa Anjo Minami-machi, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
50 million yen
CEO, Kozo Yamaguchi
Developing, calibrating and selling electric drive modules

Core competency

With the three key components essential for the e-drive module as core competency, we provide a one-package solution including calibration.
In markets where uncertainties increase due to various factors such as regulations, infrastructure, battery costs, and consumer sentiment, we will respond to the development of an optimal electric vehicle lineup for each customer with a full lineup covering all systems.
Leveraging the strengths of specialized manufacturers who know a great deal of cars, carmaker can be electrified with development capabilities to respond to all needs, technical skills polished through quality-first manufacturing, and response capabilities that cover all types of electrification from development to calibration and will contribute to the spread of electric vehicles.