From Small to Premium

  • City Car Compact car P4 for SUV & Premium car
  • Compact car Mid-size car SUV
  • City car Compact car Mid-size car SUV
  • LCV
  • Mid-size car Premium car


Single Speed Small

Optimizing placement of T/A, MG and INV* and a small-diameter MG brings us an easier solution to install in various vehicles.

*T/A:Transaxle MG:Motor・Generator INV:Inverter

Single Short Length

Simple structure and high efficiency; can be installed into a wide range of vehicles.

Single Low Height

Low profile and additional trunk space through layout optimization.

2 Speed Commercial

Realizing high driving power with 2 speed AMT necessary for commercial vehicles.

2 Speed Performance

Achieving power performance with 2 speed A/T suitable for premium cars.